Restaurants in China

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There’s no need to settle for one culinary style at this vast international buffet, located on the seventh floor of the Island Shangri-La hotel.... Read More

Following a recent expansion, this Gulou fixture, a long-standing cafe and restaurant, now features a large courtyard space and rooftop Read More

Come for the homey black-and-white-tiled space and two-inch-thick toast topped with silky scrambled eggs. Locals also love the café's macaroni-and-ham... Read More

Founded by Michelle Garnaut of Shanghai’s M on the Bund fame, Capital M serves high-end European cuisine with Beijing’s best views of Qianmen's... Read More

This restaurant on the sixth floor of the Four Seasons Hong Kong has established itself as a French cuisine authority in Hong Kong, earning two Michelin... Read More

From the lightly provocative art by Mao Tong Qiang (the iconic Iwo Jima soldiers hoisting a gigantic dollar symbol instead of the Stars and Stripes) to... Read More

Witness the 1940’s ambience, retro chandeliers, and gray-haired servers at the new but oh-so-old-world restaurant. Flower crab steeped in aged... Read More

CHAR is an excellent, elegant steakhouse housed in the young, stylish Indigo Hotel on the southern reaches of the Bund. The only thing that impresses... Read More

This retro-style, greasy-spoon Hong Kong diner is always jam-packed with young locals, who patiently wait an hour so they can split a table with... Read More

Chi Lin Vegetarian, a restaurant inside the Chi Lin nunnery in Nan Lian garden, a stunning Buddhist temple complex in Kowloon; its isolation has allowed... Read More

They say behind every great man is a powerful woman. This seems to be true of famed French chef Jean Georges, whose wife, Marja Vongerichten, recently... Read More

Perched atop the 66th floor of the Park Hyatt hotel, China Grill provides diners an unparalleled vantage point of the city that includes views of the... Read More

Located on the first floor of the Sichuan representative office in Beijing, Chuan Ban is reputed to be one of the most authentic Chengdu restaurants in... Read More

Not all of Hong Kong’s notable restaurants are in the heart of the city; this one—famous for its fresh, reasonably priced seafood—is... Read More

Located on the second floor of Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, this cinema-inspired eatery is named after the Italian film studio that produced the work of... Read More

This convention center–size favorite is still everything you want: bustle, extended families, and a never-ending parade of steaming carts... Read More

Similar to an American speakeasy, this gourmet Chinese restaurant is part of a local culinary tradition known as a “private kitchen,” a... Read More

The first venture outside Singapore for pastry chef Janice Wong. She serves signature sweets like “chocolate H2O” (a mousse cake made with Evian instead... Read More

This renovated townhouse in the French Concession district provides an elegant, dimly lit backdrop for a Thai dinner. The interior is marked by teak... Read More

Overrun with ravenous foodies, The Commune Social is one of the hardest places to snag a dinner reservation in Shanghai (despite the fact that it’s now... Read More

A meal at the Commune Social is adventure. This is not the place where you linger over candlelit white tablecloths for hours; rather chef Jason Atherton... Read More

Coquille is a premium contemporary European seafood restaurant in a quieter side of town, just south of Xintiandi on Mengzi Road. This is the second... Read More

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