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In Hong Kong’s Sai Ying Pun neighborhood, new seafood restaurant Fish School pays homage to an important piece of local heritage: the bustling wet... Read More

If this video doesn't give you a serious case of wanderlust, then we don't know what will. Abel Blanco—a filmmaker from Beijing—brought his... Read More

If you think traveling in China means missing Thanksgiving, think again. The large number of American expats living in Beijing ensures that a surprising... Read More

There were fears the annual Shanghai Literary Festival wouldn't run this year, after the closure of its famed home, Glamour Bar. Luckily for Shanghai... Read More

With a population of more than 21 million people and a sprawling network of roads, Beijing's sheer scale can be overwhelming for first-time visitors.... Read More

It’s unfortunate that China’s Hunan province tends to gets very little press other than as the Trivial Pursuit answer to the question of Chairman Mao... Read More

It's silly to expect clear roads and smooth sailing after any long weekend, but this traffic jam in Beijing following "Golden Week"—a national... Read More

A Chinese tourism administration is trying to calm tourist fears after cracks began to appear in a glass bridge suspended 3,500 feet above sea level.The... Read More

Brian Dickinson successfully climbed Mount Everest by himself back in 2011 after his guide fell ill mid-trip. Earlier this week, Twitter announced a... Read More

China’s Golden Week begins tomorrow to celebrate National Day, the day the Communists officially took power, which means at least two things: the... Read More

If you’re scared of heights, this bridge is not for you. A high-altitude glass-bottomed bridge opened Thursday in China, offering brave visitors... Read More

There's a Supermoon coming this weekend, and a Chinese airline is offering the ultimate way to take in the sights: by airplane. (Quick background: A... Read More

Chef Jowett Yu, who was born in Taiwan and started his career in Sydney, has garnered major acclaim for Ho Lee Fook, the modern Chinese restaurant he... Read More

It seems only fitting that the largest iteration of Random International's Rain Room be created for the world's biggest economy – recent... Read More

There's a good chance you've never seen an amusement park when it's empty—unless, of course, you work at one. Stefano Cerio, a photographer based in... Read More

From the ground, Hong Kong may be a booming metropolis of more than 7.2 million people where quiet corners are few and far between. When you... Read More

With 82 games in the regular season, traveling is a way of life for basketball players, and Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes is no... Read More

There’s no rest for the weary in the NBA off-season, especially if you’re Klay Thompson—the Golden State Warriors’ shooting guard and a starter for the... Read More

A Chinese woman who was making a connecting flight from Beijing to Wenzhou Friday was told by airport security that she could not take an... Read More

At long last, Disney has officially revealed a glimpse into their forthcoming Shanghai Disney Resort, the brand’s largest single foreign investment in... Read More

China has replicas of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Now it has, well, an artwork that... Read More

It may have rained 60 percent of the time Drew Geraci was in China, but he still managed to come home with stunning footage of some of the country's... Read More

If slinging a Gucci leather tote over your shoulder or wearing Gucci cat-eye sunglasses while wrapped in your Gucci printed silk-twill scarf doesn’t do... Read More

The final choice for the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics was uninspiring. One candidate, Beijing, which co-bid with the lesser-known Chinese city... Read More

Hong Kong architects John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere have partnered with their students at the University of Hong Kong and completed The Warp, a swelling... Read More

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