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It turns out all the hype that's surrounded Shanghai Disneyland since it broke ground five years ago was well-founded: the park is... Read More

This story originally appeared on would be proud.The Walt Disney Company seems to have spared no expense in building its sixth... Read More

What do you do when the world’s longest glass-bottom bridge has finally been completed? You hit it with a sledgehammer, of course.Ahead of the opening... Read More

This story originally appeared on Thursday, Disney opened its sixth theme park location worldwide, in Shanghai, China. The park... Read More

Ahead of the opening of Shanghai Disney on Thursday, Shanghai Metro has revealed two themed trains that will carry visitors to Disney’s first park in... Read More

Shanghai Disney is days away from its grand opening. We’ve already gotten some sneak peeks at the park, and now Fortune has a story all about the man... Read More

When guests first enter the doors of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, they’ll experience a multitude of new attractions, enjoy never-before-seen... Read More

Book a flight anytime today until June 19, and you could score a free seat with AirAsia and AirAsia X. This low-cost carrier is offering up to three... Read More

You may remember the news of a glass-bottomed bridge in Shiniuzhai National Goelogical Park cracking while tourists were taking in the views 3,500... Read More

This story originally appeared on tourists get a bum rap. The resurgent Asian superpower sent around 120 million people abroad last... Read More

A new theme park in China is making moves to put “sleeping on a bus” on your travel bucket list.The owners of the Tai Tai Mountain Park in the city of... Read More

Ready for that epic trip to Southeast Asia you’ve always imagined? Thanks to an awesome flight deal from Air China, you can now fly from LAX to Thailand... Read More

A teenage boy snuck into the cargo area of an Emirates plane in China this week. He wasn’t caught until the plane landed in Dubai.The airline told... Read More

This story originally appeared on fortune.comFirst it was Captain America milling around outside. Then, Mickey and Minnie Mouse encouraging shoppers to... Read More

In recent years China seems to have begun addressing its urgent pollution problem in earnest. Cities like Shanghai are repurposing land for urban... Read More

In advance of Shanghai Disney opening the doors to its magic kingdom on June 16th, the Shanghai government has released an etiquette guide for visitors... Read More

Travelers making their way through the security line at Beijing Capital International Airport may notice bright pink signs emblazoned with the words ... Read More

Shanghai Disney Resort won’t officially open the doors to its magical kingdom until June 16, but that hasn’t stopped a million people from paying a... Read More

Kim Kardashian may post some pretty shocking selfies, but some snappers are taking the meaning of a daring pic to a whole new level. Whether it’s... Read More

While we’ve gotten glimpses and heard rumblings about the upcoming Shanghai Disney, the opening is still a month away. But, a few lucky people were... Read More

Graffiti is a problem for cities and run-down towns—as well as one of nature's most coveted treasures. At Mount Everest, tourists have been ... Read More

If there was a contest for best boss in the world, this guy would certainly take top prize. Li Jinyuan, the billionaire owner of Chinese direct... Read More

We woke up this morning to find a can't-beat flight deal in our inbox: $342 round-trip flights from New York City to Hong Kong. Unlike most airfare... Read More

Having something stolen from your luggage can be a huge pain. For one passenger, it was a nearly $260,000 headache. A man traveling to Hong Kong earlier... Read More

Shanghai Disneyland is still six weeks away from opening, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of visitors from checking out the nearby Disney Town that... Read More

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