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China’s vibrant capital, Beijing, draws millions of travelers from every continent year after year: and for good reason. If you’re traveling to China,... Read More

Tourists visiting Chongqing in China can now explore an underground nuclear base, dubbed the world's largest manmade cave at a size of 1.1-million... Read More

This story originally appeared on An adorable giant panda cub fell flat on its face during a presentation at the Chengdu Research... Read More

A doctor onboard Air China Flight 1478 last week got creative to help save a passenger suffering from an epileptic seizure in the middle of a flight.Dr.... Read More

China, already home to the world's highest bridge, is planning to build the world’s deepest and largest high-speed railway station at the popular... Read More

The world’s longest and highest glass bridge, which opened earlier this year before shutting down after just 13 days of operation, is set to reopen... Read More

China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport introduced three women-only security lines at its terminals on Monday.The lines, which are distinguished... Read More

This story originally appeared on launched a cache of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir vines into space on the orbiting Tiangong... Read More

This story originally appeared on A U.K. wildlife park has offered to relocate Pizza the “lonely” polar bear from an aquarium in a... Read More

China’s never-ending quest for the most impressive bridges just reached new heights.The Beipanjiang Bridge in China—which hangs over 1,800 feet above a... Read More

Theme parks might be good for a thrill, but today’s best kid-oriented trips pair entertainment with enrichment and bring schoolwork to life while... Read More

This story originally appeared on China issued an apology Wednesday after a storm of criticism over an article in its in-flight... Read More

It wasn't until I was sitting in dirt on the side of a road in Malaysia, sobbing and sweating, that I really regretted not training for my bike... Read More

China’s newest glass bridge closed just 13 days after opening, due to an overwhelming number of visitors.Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, in China’s Yunan... Read More

This story originally appeared on woman in Hong Kong has been diagnosed with the Zika virus this week, in the global financial hub... Read More

China's endangered giant pandas, Tibetan antelopes, Asian elephants, Siberian tigers, and Amur leopards may get new parks to call home.The country is... Read More

The selfie: Like the still-life painting of yore, it has become a permanent fixture of the social media—and even artistic—landscape of the 21st century.... Read More

Buoyed by the success of expat restaurateurs like Alvin Leung of Michelin-starred Bo Innovation and Yardbird’s Matt Abergel, Hong Kong’s newly arrived... Read More

Creative party throwers are luring the masses to ever more extraordinary locations with the help of social media.In New York City, events by You Are So... Read More

This story originally appeared on’s first “pizza ATM” was making all the headlines last week (despite not really being an ATM at all),... Read More

Three red pandas took full advantage of a weather-induced opportunity last winter and escaped from their home in the Hangzhou Zoo. A branch in the... Read More

China's super-eco-friendly bus that is designed to travel over lanes of traffic had its first road test Tuesday.The bus—nicknamed TEB-1, for Transit... Read More

This story originally appeared on In a summer of big tech deals, this could be counted as the most unexpected. Uber is selling its China... Read More

Glass walkways on mountains are all the rage at China's Tianmenshan National Park, where the third walkway—hugging a mountain about 4,600 feet above sea... Read More

The Jinmao Tower in Shanghai has an unusual attraction for thrillseekers: On the skyscraper's 88th floor, there is a glass walkway with not even... Read More

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