Restaurants in Chile

Whether highlighting an insider hot spot, a celebrity chef’s newest restaurant, a hip coffeehouse or the best place for cheap eats, our guide takes you there with the best Chile restaurant listings. Chilean cuisine has a large array of seafood offerings due to its position along the coast. It is known for its world-famous wines, and typical dishes like empanadas, humitas, and stews. Native Andean cuisine uses llama, shellfish, and rice bread. Beef is now popular in Chilean dining as well, as well has lemons, onions, mayonnaise, yogurt, and beer, all brought from Europe by colonists originally. Local markets serve up fresh produce, and the best time to eat out is during lunch, for their menú del día (fixed-price menus).

Chilean restaurants are as diverse as its cultural backgrounds. You can find great Japanese, German, Spanish and Italian cuisines. For traditional cooking at a Chile restaurant, Café Adobe in San Pedro de Atacama is a local favorite. Try the lomo a lo pobre, a traditional dish of grilled beef served with crispy French fries, sautéed onions, and fried eggs. Pasta e Vino in Valparaiso is an Italian restaurant in Chile that serves 30 types of gnocchi and coveted ravioli creations. Other notable Chile restaurants include Sukalde in Santiago, which uses regional ingredients, and Tierra Noble for its upscale Chilean barbecue. Below find more of T+L’s top picks for where to eat in Chile.

A smoldering waitstaff works the city's most coveted tables, while the Chilean-Italian duo behind the scenes serves gnocchi (30 types) and surprising ravioli concoctions, like a strawberry-infused version filled with tender clams in a champagne sauce.

For gussied-up Chilean barbecue, check out Tierra Noble where grilled foie gras shares the stage with Easter Island tuna.


Located in what was once San Pedro de Atacama's first schoolhouse, the restaurant offers contemporary twists on Altiplanic staples: filet of novillo (young bull) with new potatoes topped with wild mushrooms and chanar-berry sauce.