Clandestino Suppers

Clandestino Suppers

, Chicago, IL

The Scene: Supper club veteran and chef Efrain Cuevas (he did time with Ghetto Gourmet in Oakland) launched a new culinary club earlier this year; bimonthly Chicago-style locavore dinners are held in lofts and gardens within easy striking distance from the Loop. His favorite events, however, have a twist: collaborative meals with artists in their gallery or studio, like this fall’s Caribbean comfort food feast inspired by Puerto Rican painter Edra Soto.

Hot Plates: Deviled eggs with smoked mayonnaise; roast quail with carrot and plantain sofrito and yucca and turnip gratin; black walnut and apple tart with sweet potato ice cream.

The Lowdown: $50–$85; twice a month; 25–35 guests.

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