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Jonny Valiant

If the word hostel conjures images of a grungy college dorms or communal bathrooms, it's time you examined your hostel choices. Seven new and... Read More

Halloween in the Windy City isn't a single-day event—the city celebrates all month. If you're looking for some festivities that are off the beaten path,... Read More

If you’ve been on a walk through Chicago, you’ve probably found time to breeze along State Street or Boul Mich. Fine streets both, but why not try one... Read More

Since it opened in 2013, Chicago’s Three Dots and a Dash has been one of the city’s popular bars—it’s hidden in a back alley, fun, unpretentious, and... Read More

If you want to separate the casual wine drinker from the geek, start talking about terroir. Nonexperts will hear a lot of blah, blah, blah. But to the... Read More

There's a new crosstown classic playing out in the Windy City—but this one’s among a crew of visionary hoteliers instead of between the White Sox and... Read More

It’s been 30 years since Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp organized the first Farm Aid concert, the roving annual music festival that has... Read More

Visitors taking in some of the installations and sculptures around Chicago are in for a treat. By treat, we mean a minutes-long phone call with ... Read More

Chicago is stepping up its food festival game. The city may love its hot dog, rib and pierogi fests, but on August 28, things will get decidedly more... Read More

As the days grow shorter and the air is inevitably cooler, it’s not too late to have that last summer fling with Chicago. Follow along as we offer up a... Read More

Plenty of people head straight for shopping trip down the Magnificent Mile or to one of its many high-end restaurants when they visit Chicago, but the... Read More

It’s been ten months since we first discussed Chicago’s forthcoming “Foodseum”—a museum intended to be a first-of-its-kind destination where... Read More

It may not be the city’s largest museum, but the Museum of Contemporary Art is the kind of cultural powerhouse that keeps Chicago front and center of... Read More

For travelers who care about their coiffure, few things are more dreadful than arriving at a hotel to discover an in-room blow-dryer that looks like it... Read More

"I have an eating disorder—I eat all the time," jokes chef Kevin Hickey about his relationship with food. For this Chicago native, the obsession has... Read More

Last great meal“Not many people know about Katsu (2651 W. Peterson Ave.; 773-784- 3383), a restaurant on the North Side that serves phenomenal omakase... Read More

Artists' SceneThe once-gritty South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport—best known as the home of the White Sox—has emerged as the city’s latest creative... Read More

New York EditionThe property’s May opening in the 1909 Met Life Tower on Madison Square Park marked hotelier Ian Schrager’s return to New York. Inside... Read More

When seasoned travelers are told that a hotel promises an “authentic” experience, the visceral response is an eye roll. Authenticity is a vibe, not an... Read More

On her first visit to China earlier this year, chef Stephanie Izard returned with a newfound appreciation for hand-pulled noodles, homemade dumplings,... Read More

In every great city, there is a flea market that attracts the locals like bees to a strawberry rhubarb pie. In Chicago, it’s Randolph Street Market, a... Read More

David Burke’s Primehouse at The James Chicago is known for massive steaks and classic, gut-expanding sides. But every summer, the restaurant veers from... Read More

In this landscape of hyper esoteric menus, it’s refreshing to break bread—or ham-hock hush puppies—al fresco in the company of high flavor and low... Read More

Windy City winters are abysmal. The light at the end of the sub-zero tunnel for long-suffering Chicagoans? A summertime escape; an opportunity to spend... Read More

Her father may be fashion royalty, but Dylan Lauren’s achievements in the sweets sector have cemented her status as America’s confectionary queen. With... Read More

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