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By C.J. Houtchens
For many months after I was transplanted from our nation's capital to Charleston--West Virginia's small-town capital--I glumly defied the bromide "Find beauty in your own back yard." Finally, dubiously, I embarked on a get-acquainted road trip t...
By Anya von Bremzen
Dodge dim sum. Hold the raves on risotto. Here's the lowdown on Stars and Stripes for the taste buds. Sure, you might have to drive out of the comfort zone, yell your order, or share a table with strangers. It doesn't faze you at all. You crave th...

Hotels in Charleston, West Virginia

Rooms are draped in flowery Victorian textiles and morning meals are served on silver trays.

Restaurants in Charleston, West Virginia

Pile on the pastrami at the Art Deco 1950s-era lunch counter and soda fountain.

This restaurant has closed.

Things to do in Charleston, West Virginia

Support the arts at a concert by West Virginia’s symphony orchestra or a touring ballet at the top-notch venue.