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By Jeff Ficker
At some point, “family-friendly” became “kid-centered.” I’ll let scientists figure out that exact moment, but in the meantime, I’ll do my best to help swing the pendulum back toward the center of fun for the whole family. Scottsdale’s a pretty rel...
By Jeff Ficker
Fun for the whole family—it’s a lovely sentiment, but not always an easy-to-achieve outcome. Too often, kid-friendly attractions lack any real fun or relaxing moments for parents. Fortunately, Scottsdale’s outdoor attractions—mountain hiking trail...
By Jeff Ficker
Residents of Scottsdale and Phoenix are frequently asked, “How do you survive the summer heat?” The answer is simple: air-conditioning and swimming pools. We take our pools seriously in Arizona, and Scottsdale’s resorts have elevated the simple sw...
By Jeff Ficker
It’s Arizona’s version of March Madness—Cactus League Spring Training—when 15 Major League Baseball teams descend upon the Phoenix-Scottsdale area for a month of training, allowing fans to catch a game (or two) every day until early April. The lea...
By Jeff Ficker
I wouldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to “wellness experiences”—and my friends and family would strongly agree. I’m the sort of guy who tries his best to get to the gym on a (semi-)regular basis. Although I do love a good massage at a ful...
By Jeff Ficker
If the word “desert” conjures up images of sand dunes and parched, monochromatic landscapes, then get ready for a revelation. Scottsdale is located in the northeastern corner of the Sonoran Desert, the most ecologically diverse desert region on th...

Hotels in Central Downtown Scottsdale

A stay at W lets guests experience their "Whatever Whenever" motto. That means the W will give you what you want, when you want, such as a sunrise over Camelback Mountain, a personalized treatment in the Bliss spa, or a private dinner on your balcony.

Restaurants in Central Downtown Scottsdale

Part of Scottsdale-based Eddie V’s restaurant chain, Roaring Fork follows a Southwest theme in both its decor and cuisine.

Things to do in Central Downtown Scottsdale

Instead of a poolside lounge or round of golf, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s former studio and retreat (now home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation). Daily guided tours are kept small and last from one to three hours.