Catalina Island

Things to do in Catalina Island

Travelers searching for things to do on Catalina Island will be hard-pressed to run out of options. For a relatively small island, Catalina is bursting with activities, most notably its excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. Nature-lovers wondering what to do on Catalina Island won’t be disappointed; the majority of the island is owned by the Catalina Conservatory and thus makes for a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Catalina Island is also perfect for long hikes through the natural vegetation and bike rides along the coast.

At the same time, vacationers wondering what to do on Catalina Island should consider a day spent simply relaxing in the island’s peaceful atmosphere. A perfect day on Catalina Island could easily include a day trip to the beach, followed by a lazy early-evening cocktail session followed by dinner at one of the island’s numerous upscale dining establishments, most of which overlook the water.

This organization, based in Catalina Island's south side town of Avalon since 1972, practices conservation, education, and recreation. They protect 50 miles of undeveloped beaches, help recover the Catalina Island fox population, and remove invasive plants.

Since 1981, the fast track to Catalina Island from San Pedro, Long Beach, or Dana Point is aboard the Catalina Express. Eight different vessels cut through choppy waves on 30 hour-long voyages daily.