Cape Town

Cape Point


Cape Point Reserve ,
Cape Town,

South Africa,

An hour’s drive from Cape Town, the Point is the most breathtaking spot at the Cape Point Reserve (a place of buckling, fynbos-covered hills, troops of baboons, buck, and Cape Mountain zebra). One of the world’s highest coastal cliffs, it sits 816 feet above rough waters—and from its edge you can see the dramatic spot where cold Atlantic currents forcefully converge with the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean. (It’s also a spot where, ever since Portuguese explorers first rounded it in the 15th century as part of the Spice Route, many ships have been wrecked.) From the Cape Point parking lot, it’s just 385 steps up to the breathtaking observation area—although you can always opt to take the Flying Dutchman funicular instead.

Insider Tip: Don’t monkey around with the free-roaming baboons. They may look cute, but they can be aggressive and even vicious, particularly if you have food in your hands.