Cape Breton Island

Things to do in Cape Breton Island

Considering its stunning scenery it is no wonder that so many of the things to do in Cape Breton involve outdoor pursuits. From hiking the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park to whale watching in Pleasant Bay to golfing the Cabot Links course, Cape Breton offers outdoorsy travellers a multitude of things to do.

Wondering what to do in Cape Breton when it rains? There are a number of museum and tours to amuse traveling culture seekers and history buffs. From the Alexander Graham Bell National museum to the Miner’s Museum in Glace Bay to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, there are plenty of ways to occupy a gloomy day.

Driving the Cabot Trail is one of the best ways to explore the island and witness its dramatic scenery. Stop along the way and enjoy authentic Scottish culture at a Ceilidh pub or discover the traditional industries of kilt making, basket weaving and woodworking.

Other things to do in Cape Breton include visiting the Glenora distillery and sampling the single malt whiskey, sailing in Baddeck or shopping the quaint arts and crafts boutiques and farmer’s markets. With so many things to do you will never be left wondering what to do on Cape Breton.

Pop in for the handsome leather buckets and bags.

A jumbled, items-spilling-off-of-shelves knitting store.

The Black Sheep Gallery was a former fish plant in West Jeddore that now sells folk and outsider art.

The funky, two-floored shack on the side of the road in Margaree Forks, carries campy stock.

LeFort's hooked portraits of Jackie Kennedy and various Canadian prime ministers are astonishing in their obsessiveness, as is her 80-square-foot depiction of the Resurrection, which required eight miles of yarn and two million stitches, and is shown in a gallery with piped-in Gregorian chants.

Swoon over the heaps of handmade rugs and socks at the Co-op Artisanale in Cheticamp.

The festival glorifies all things Gaelic with traditional dances, workshops (learn to step-dance), and language classes (did you know that am foghar is Gaelic for "autumn"?).