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This brewery makes its own blends—its beer lineup features 20+ varieties—but true to its mission of encouraging Quebec’s industry, it also serves beers... Read More

Visitors looking for a distinctively Canadian culinary experience should make their way to La Traite, a modern restaurant located in Hôtel-Musée des... Read More

Lai Wah Heen, which translates to “luxurious meeting place,” serves an upscale dim sum menu that's often lauded as the best in Toronto.... Read More

Laloux is a Parisian-style bistro in the Plateau neighborhood that offers all of its wines by the glass. The chefs use certified-sustainable seafood and... Read More

From Halo Halo to pancit noodles, and modern takes on other classics, the food here is comforting and fun. Family-friendly brunches (think: steak and... Read More

As the name suggests, rabbit is the focus at this local gem of a restaurant. Lapin Saute has 32 seats and is popular year-round: in the summer, they... Read More

The most romantic of all, the terrace of Lapin Sauté occupies an enviable spot right on pedestrian-only Petit-Champlain Street. With its lush greenery... Read More

This restaurant is owned by one of the city’s star chefs, Daniel Vézina, and bears the names of his daughter and son, the latter of whom has now taken... Read More

Le Bouchon's open kitchen, food, and decor takes its inspiration from Lyon. In many ways, dining here feels much more like being in a family home than... Read More

Inspired by bouchons, a type of restaurant found in Lyon, France, that serve a meat-centric cuisine, Le Bouchon du Pied Bleu adapts traditional French... Read More

Though it’s set in a popular tourist zone, this 30-year-old diner still attracts a loyal local clientele, which flocks to savor the reassuringly... Read More

It may be located in a popular tourist zone, but this 30-year-old diner still attracts a loyal local clientele who flock to savor the reassuringly... Read More

Located beside the Old Port cruise terminal, this waterfront eatery serves Parisian-style bistro fare amid panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River.... Read More

Le Café St.-Malo, a French bistro with a simple blue-and-white painted exterior, inhabits the ground floor of a gray brick building built in 1850... Read More

This multidisplinary space is equal parts restaurant, bar, and exhibit space. By hosting performing artists, DJs, and music shows, it caters to a... Read More

When you're based in a city as beautiful as UNESCO World Heritage site Quebec City, views are of utmost importance. Le Ciel is the only revolving... Read More

A Quebec City mainstay, Le Clocher Penché opened more than 10 years ago in the heart of the Saint-Roch neighborhood, greatly contributing to making... Read More

A Quebec City mainstay, Le Clocher Penché opened more than 10 years ago in the heart of the Saint-Roch neighborhood, greatly contributing to making... Read More

Set among Vieux-Montréal’s cobblestoned lanes, this eatery is marked only by the antler-and-fish crest hanging outside the door ... Read More

With four locations in the city, Le Cochon Dingue has been a local darling for 35 years. The secret to its success is a reliable menu that blends French... Read More

The place to go, for a rosy filet mignon with a blue-cheese sauce. Read More

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood is filled with interesting budget-friendly shops, bars, and restaurants, and Le Comptoir is among its best... Read More

This large bakery and pastry shop—which features a dining area with several tables that allow customers to eat on site—makes one of the city’s widest... Read More

When Le Mezze opened, Quebec City’s gourmands let out a sigh of relief: Finally, an authentic Greek restaurant! The taverna is owned and managed by a... Read More

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