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This story originally appeared on A young girl was pulled underwater by a sea lion as she sat on a dock near Vancouver in Canada, and an... Read More

Capturing the perfect prom photo can be a challenge, from getting the right pose down to making sure everyone’s hairdos are in place. A group of teens... Read More

If that viral video of David Dao being dragged off a United Airlines plane made you nervous about stepping foot on an overbooked flight, you can now fly... Read More

This story originally appeared on Growing up in a Jewish household, I always heard the same questions: Where can you find good... Read More

International travel often requires a visa — a document granted by a host country that authorizes a visitor to pass through, or remain within its... Read More

Citizens of nearly 150 countries, as well as stateless individuals, need a visa to travel to Canada.Most visitors — U.S. citizens and other visa-exempt... Read More

Under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, travelers must denote a gender on all travel documents. The ICAO allows one of three... Read More

Ontario locals have long known that the Elora Quarry — also known as the “Old Swimming Hole” — is the perfect place to spend warm summer days in Canada.... Read More

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and there's never been a better time to enjoy the country's natural beauty.Travelers who want to... Read More

There are no signs that lead to Fogo Island Inn.Located on a remote island in Newfoundland, Canada, the hotel sits on a cliff that looks over nothing... Read More

Amazing things can happen when people join forces on social media. Take for example the truly awe-inspiring discovery of a new aurora feature found by... Read More

This story originally appeared on, the Netherlands, and San Francisco, California, have already shown interest in... Read More

On Tuesday, reports showed a plummeting Canadian dollar, which is now down by .5 percent compared to the U.S. dollar (that’s about three quarters to... Read More

Cooper the labradoodle has been busy racking up frequent flier miles all over Canada.On April 19, Cooper was placed on a WestJet flight by his owner,... Read More

Canadian airline WestJet announced on Thursday its plan to launch a new ultra low-cost carrier by the end of 2017."As the price-sensitive consumer seeks... Read More

Visitors to Canada can experience a natural form of entertainment in Newfoundland called “Iceberg Alley.”As icebergs break off the Greenland ice shelf... Read More

This story originally appeared on said a river that flowed from one of Canada’s largest glaciers was rerouted — a process that... Read More

This story originally appeared on has become a lifeline for those of us coffee-dependent addicts.We know our orders,... Read More

United Airlines is facing global outrage after a video showed passenger David Dao being yanked from his seat and dragged off a flight from... Read More

After spending two weeks on vacation in Mexico, Richard and Linda Bell were on a United Airlines flight home from Houston to Calgary on Sunday. They... Read More

This story originally appeared on Burrito Nutrition: An InvestigationRemember that time you talked about renting a limo to... Read More

This story originally appeared on more arguing about whom Justin Trudeau should be with, there’s enough of the prime minister to go... Read More

Canada may be a surprising answer for travelers in search of a non-traditional island getaway. But there are tens of thousands of islands scattered... Read More

Cars are not just a mode of transportation. Becoming a car owner means forming a bond with a metallic frame, engine and all the seats inside. (See Queen... Read More

This story originally appeared on cry more in the U.K., Canada and Italy than they do in other countries, while babies in Denmark,... Read More

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