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Prince Charles and and his wife, Camilla, proved they are just like the rest of us mere mortals on Tuesday when they simply could not contain a giggle... Read More

This story originally appeared on You're about to look so chic (and feel extremely comfortable) on your next flight thanks to Meghan Markle... Read More

Solo travel is becoming an increasingly popular choice for travelers, according to data from Airbnb.The home booking site revealed that the... Read More

Delta Air Lines announced a massive airfare sale in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary on Tuesday. Between June 27 and July 31, travelers can find... Read More

Hiking and cycling enthusiasts now have a marvelous new trail they can explore in Canada thanks to the opening of the Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail.The... Read More

Countries around the world can vary greatly when it comes to their tipping practices.While most Western nations expect you to tip, tipping may not be... Read More

The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, is famous for its Sourtoe Cocktail. Famous because it literally has a human toe floating in it.Tourists flock... Read More

You would think a six-story rubber ducky would make playtime lots of fun for everyone.Unfortunately, not everyone is celebrating a giant rubber duck... Read More

This story originally appeared on Former President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dined together in Montreal Tuesday night,... Read More

This story originally appeared on Municipal governments around the world are bathing their city halls and landmarks with green light to show... Read More

Fans of military jets and memorabilia will want to catch the next flight out to these ace exhibits and displays.While World War I marks the start of... Read More

Granville Island has long been known as one of Vancouver’s creative enclaves. Once an industrial manufacturing area, it’s now full of artisan... Read More

A prime minister must be prepared for anything.After winning a nationwide contest, five-year-old Bella (from Manitoba, Canada) went to Ottawa earlier... Read More

Known to some as King’s Highway, to others as the Lost Highway, and historically as the Northern Highway — the road that traverses through... Read More

This story originally appeared on A young girl was pulled underwater by a sea lion as she sat on a dock near Vancouver in Canada, and an... Read More

Capturing the perfect prom photo can be a challenge, from getting the right pose down to making sure everyone’s hairdos are in place. A group of teens... Read More

If that viral video of David Dao being dragged off a United Airlines plane made you nervous about stepping foot on an overbooked flight, you can now fly... Read More

This story originally appeared on Growing up in a Jewish household, I always heard the same questions: Where can you find good... Read More

International travel often requires a visa — a document granted by a host country that authorizes a visitor to pass through, or remain within its... Read More

Citizens of nearly 150 countries, as well as stateless individuals, need a visa to travel to Canada.Most visitors — U.S. citizens and other visa-exempt... Read More

Under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, travelers must denote a gender on all travel documents. The ICAO allows one of three... Read More

Ontario locals have long known that the Elora Quarry — also known as the “Old Swimming Hole” — is the perfect place to spend warm summer days in Canada.... Read More

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and there's never been a better time to enjoy the country's natural beauty.Travelers who want to... Read More

There are no signs that lead to Fogo Island Inn.Located on a remote island in Newfoundland, Canada, the hotel sits on a cliff that looks over nothing... Read More

Amazing things can happen when people join forces on social media. Take for example the truly awe-inspiring discovery of a new aurora feature found by... Read More

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