Ca'Toga Galleria D'Arte
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Ca'Toga Galleria D'Arte

1206 Cedar St., Calistoga, CA 94515 | (707) 942-3900, United States
Ca' Toga Art Gallery in Napa
Courtesy of Ca' Toga Art Gallery
Type of shop

In downtown Calistoga, Carlo Marchiori’s personal art gallery displays his works, which showcase his classical Venetian training. The works include paintings, porcelain, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, watercolors, tiles, and books. A large mural of the northern hemisphere’s constellations lines the ceiling, which Marchiori first painted on separate canvas panels and then attached later. His work is also noticeably influenced by animals in motion and the Venetian period of theater called Commedia dell’Arte, in which actors performed improvised, broad comedy in colorful masks. To further the experience, guests can visit Marchiori’s Calistoga home, Villa Ca’Toga, to see his current works in progress.

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