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California’s Malibu can be quite the romantic destination, which is why it makes sense that actress Amy Schumer recently chose the city for her... Read More

Penguins just may be the hopeless romantics of the animal kingdom.While it's not entirely true that penguins mate for life, many species of penguin are... Read More

Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 1175 to Honolulu described their panic after watching the cover of one of two engines on their... Read More

Glowing, bioluminescent waves have been appearing at California’s Big Sur, treating those who visit the area to a fascinating natural spectacle.... Read More

While much of the nation (and the world) is in the midst of a cold, harsh winter, the desert oasis of Palm Springs, California is sitting pretty... Read More

Yosemite's famous "firefall" likely won't be happening this year because the waterfall has run dry. The naturally occurring phenomenon usually... Read More

The Happiest Place on Earth just got a little more expensive.Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, are... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

You’re only as old as you feel. Especially when you feel like ziplining over a valley, 800 feet in the air.To mark his 102nd birthday, Glenn Quillin, a... Read More

JetBlue has invested an undisclosed amount of money into an aviation company working to create flying taxis.Joby Aviation, based in northern California,... Read More

Jennifer Aniston’s decorating mantra is (unsurprisingly) as approachable as they come.“Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” the actress, 48,... Read More

Valentine’s Day is just a little more than a week away, but don’t worry, you still have time to plan something for your someone special. This year, don... Read More

If you want to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a perfect night out, don’t waste a minute second-guessing your restaurant reservation.Yelp... Read More

While many U.S. cities ranked among those with the most traffic, Los Angeles came out on top for the sixth time in a row.Los Angeles traffic stats found... Read More

Though learning about a restaurant’s food is easy to do in advance, the noise level is typically something you don’t know about until you arrive. And... Read More

It’s easy to lose your head during a tough work day. Even if you are technically a robot.Over the weekend, a few guests at Disneyland were stunned to... Read More

Los Angeles’ weather-related woes aren’t finished.On Monday, the area reported a record-breaking heatwave in Long Beach, Santa Ana and Newport Beach,... Read More

Marilyn Monroe was pursued through its hallways, guestrooms, and seashore by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in "Some Like it Hot." Frank Sinatra joined its... Read More

A quick-thinking pilot managed to land his plane on a California freeway after experiencing an engine failure on Sunday.According to KTLA, around 7:50 p... Read More

These days, a six-figure salary can be hard to come by. Unless, actually, you work at a burger joint.According to a new report in the California Sun, In... Read More

The world is just days away from the release of the third and final Fifty Shades film. For some fans, the thought of living without Christian and... Read More

Disneyland was already considered the Happiest Place on Earth, but the news that it’s installing a brewery could make it all the more appealing to... Read More

The mayor of Stockton, Calif. wants to provide a universal basic income for the city’s poorest residents.Starting this year, an experimental program... Read More

Minnie Mouse was just honored on Hollywood's Walk of Fame with a star of her own. The famous mouse celebrated her 90th anniversary in show business... Read More

Update: In December of 2017, devastating wildfires swept across southern California, including areas surrounding Santa Barbara. More than 280,000 acres... Read More

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