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Calabria + Basilicata Travel Guide

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  • Is This The Hottest Bar in Italy?

    When South African-Italian travel marketing consultant Mikaela Bandini moved to the semi-abandoned neighbourhood of Sassi di Matera in the city of... Read More

  • Reviving the Italian Village

    John Phillips was only looking for a villa. That he wound up with a village says something about the scale of his enthusiasms, his impetuous streak, and... Read More

  • Italy’s Secret Countryside

    In their new book For the Love of Italy: Rural Pleasures and Hotel Estates (Clarkson Potter; $60), Marella Caracciolo and Oberto Gili travel from the... Read More

  • T+L Reports: Lights, Camera...Travel

    Following in the footsteps of Sopranos and Seinfeld tours, three companies have created trips that bring devoted fans behind the scenes of a novel and... Read More

  • Letters | July 2006

    I stumbled upon the oldest semolina bakery in the world and was welcomed—as if family—when the baker set up a card table in front of his tiny shop and... Read More

  • Back to Basilicata

    In the city of Matera, in the little-known region of Basilicata, I stumbled upon my first long-lost relative—or someone I assumed must be a relative. I... Read More

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