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By Shax Riegler
In mid-August, I spot an intriguing item in the newspaper: to supplement their incomes, dozens of farmers across the country are planting corn in the shape of mazes. It reminds me of my childhood in Ohio, when a big group of us would race through ...
By Adrien Glover
See our slideshow of America’s Most Mysterious Places. “The very first night there we saw brilliant white and green lights that would respond to our laser signaling; they came from a steep side of the mountain, way too steep for climbers,” says R...
By Barbara Peck
There are no teddy bears or ruffles or jars of potpourri to contend with at this seven-room inn set on 15 acres of rolling countryside. And every piece of furniture is worth a second look -- on close inspection you may find that it was made by the...

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The Mystery: Deep in the woods in this 128-acre park is a large field of mysterious boulders that, when struck, sound like bells, as if they are hollow and made of metal. Each summer, hundreds of visitors flock here, hammers in hand, to perform their own "rock concerts."