Restaurants in Brussels

Restaurants in Brussels are diverse due to the city’s large immigrant population, with classic European cuisines and foods from all over the world right next door to each other. For some original mussels from Brussels, head over to Bij Den Boer, which serves up some of the best seafood in a city that does mussels like New England does clams. For a taste of the world brought to Belgium by its coterie of African immigrants, look to the Matonge district. You’ll find restaurants like Kanodou Resto that are preparing dishes such as shrimp fritters, meat with couscous, and ostrich steak.

Brussels restaurants can also accommodate a taste for classic Belgian fare. La Quicaillerie, on Rue du Page, is a converted hardware store that provides great Belgian food—think fresh seafood—in an edgy environment. The international crowd and lounge bar downstairs has garnered a great reputation. Arcadi is a budget-friendly bistro that’s open for every meal of the day, and also dessert. Here, find plenty of locals dining on omelets, quiches, sweet and savory tarts, and, of course, waffles.

This is one of the few modern places in town that does old-school Belgian cooking (make sure to have the speculoos ice cream, made from the famous Belgian ginger cookies).

Though there's a formidable weekend lunch crowd, the communal tables and long hours (7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) of this Belgian prototype are a boon to travelers.

Check out the old tiled mural of bakers at work at this former bakery while enjoying the antipasti, pizzas, and pasta.

Portuguese designer du jour Antoine Pinto and Flemish chef Peter Goossens collaborated on this minimalist brasserie serving updated vernacular Belgian fare, such as pork stewed in kriek beer.