Brussels Travel Guide

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Belgium’s largest city and the capital of the European Union, Brussels is best known for its diverse array of architectural landmarks, as an administrative center for some of the world’s most powerful international organizations like the EU and NATO, and also for it’s delectable desserts. Belgium is a bilingual city, with all road signs, services, etc. in both French and Dutch. The center of Brussels is home to many museums including the Belgian Comic Strip Center, the Museum of the Army, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Brussels is also famous for its food. The Belgian waffles, light and sweet, are a local delicacy. The city is also famous for its Lambic, a type of beer that’s fermented differently than ales and lagers. Visit Brussels to try these local cuisines and the other foods that they’re famous for—like chocolate and moules-frites! The city’s position at the center of Europe means that it’s one of the continent’s more accessible destinations. Travel to Brussels and discover all that the city has to offer. This Brussels travel guide will help you get around.

Things Not to Miss in Brussels

• For a glimpse into Brussels’ brewing tradition, take a beer-tasting tour.
 • For a slightly sweeter experience, try a chocolate walking tour.
 • Head over to The Grand Place, the city’s center square and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
 • Brussels’ Atomium, built for the World’s Fair with the original intention of tearing it down after the event.

When to Go to Brussels

There isn’t a bad time to go to Brussels. The city doesn’t experience too much snowfall and temperatures rarely fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Some notable annual events include Belgian Beer Weekend, held every September around the same time as the annual Comics Festival, Brussels Tango Festival held in April, and 20km of Brussels—an annual race for runner and joggers.

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