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Bruges Travel Guide

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  • VIDEO: Five Fun Things to Do in Bruges

    Want to know what to do in Bruges? No trip to the capital of West Flanders would be complete without indulging in plenty of chocolate. ... Read More

  • The Seven Best Holiday Travel Movies to Watch This Weekend

    Sometimes during the holidays, when your young cousins are playing (loudly) with their new toys and your aunt won’t stop playing 20 questions, the only... Read More

  • Flanders: Europe’s Best-Kept Design Secret

    Unless you are a diamond dealer on business flying from New York, you are likely to arrive in Antwerp, as I did, by rail. Likely too you will be... Read More

  • Notes on Belgium

    I spent much of last summer thinking about description. I was dissatisfied with the attention I'd given in my paintings and my pastels to describing... Read More

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