Brittany + Normandy

Things to do in Brittany + Normandy

The island is monopolized by normal, regular French people of average means in the normal, regular business of being on holiday: riding bikes, picnicking, swimming (even though the water never averages more than 64 degrees), buying honey at the market, wearing out the plastic cafe furniture.

Yes, it's touristy, but how can you miss the chance to see the gardens? Grounds stay open till November 1 and are ablaze in autumn hues.

This homey boutique makes stylish furnishings and tote bags out of recycled sailcloth.

Pick up provisions from this esteemed shop and picnic on the St.-Malo seawall.

The local specialty is a layered praline paillardise.

Bayeux’s famous 230-foot-long tapestry—displayed in this well-run little museum—tells the story of the Norman conquest of England.

The shop specializes in butter biscuits.

This compact museum brings to life the 300-plus years of artisanal glazed-ware production in Quimper.

Score some of the best Breton striped shirts in the region.

Five miles northwest of Quimper, a first-generation cider maker produces top-notch brews and distilled lambigs.

No matter how jaded you are, you just have to cry, seeing those crosses stretch into the horizon.