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By Lindsey Olander

Hallelujah! Dormant churches are being reborn as hotels, restaurants, breweries—even thumping nightclubs.

By Caroline Hallemann
For history buffs, veterans, and families of World War II heroes, Normandy has become something of a pilgrimage site. Millions of travelers come to the region each year to reverently visit the beaches (where Allied forces invaded on D-Day in 1944)...
By Katie James
Skin-care companies are taking a locavore approach, producing goods with a strong sense of place. Just as chefs are increasingly careful about knowing where their food comes from, beauty brands are thinking more about what goes into their produ...
By Christopher Benfey
The late Victorians, our intellectual parents in so many ways, jettisoned the religious pilgrimage for a different kind of quest—the search for a landscape in key with their own inchoate yearnings. Paris and Rome retained their complicated allure,...
By Lyndsey Matthews

Things to do in Brittany + Normandy

The island is monopolized by normal, regular French people of average means in the normal, regular business of being on holiday: riding bikes, picnicking, swimming (even though the water never averages more than 64 degrees), buying honey at the market, wearing out the plastic cafe furniture.