Restaurants in Brittany

Given its seaside location, it’s no surprise that many of the best restaurants in Brittany specialize in seafood dishes with mussel, crab and oyster bases, all of which are found in the area.
Brittany restaurants like La Table de Jeanne set up shop as close to the docks as possible. The eatery sources its seafood from the next-door Vannes Fish Market and serves the results in three expansive dining rooms. In oyster hotspot Cancale, Au Pied d’Cheval, serves up the bivalves in a rustic harbor-front setting.
Order the catch of the day at restaurants in Brittany like La Criée in Quiberon, where waiters carry around blackboards listing its ever-changing specials. Brittany restaurants also offer artful presentations of the dishes France as a whole is famous for. Places like Ti A Dreuz on Ile d’Ousseant make a name for themselves with fresh sweet and savory crepes. Visitors should also make sure to sample the area’s famed fresh apple cider.

The buckwheat crepes at Ti A Dreuz attain a rare level of delicacy and refinement.

For $18 a head, Mary Jo will prepare a ragout, simmered untouched for four hours in clods, and deliver it to your hotel or the beach for a picnic supper.

At Madame Orlac'h's nameless salon de thé you can have a cream tea as good as any in Wiltshire while listening to Schubert and reading ancient copies of Paris Match. Silk-shaded lamps and Staffordshire spaniels garnish the mantelpiece.

Brittany is the heart of France's oyster trade, providing one-third of the nation's oyster crop, and the briny seafaring town of Cancale is its epicenter.

Ty Korn serves the mother of all seafood platters.