British Virgin Islands

Things to do in British Virgin Islands

Adrenaline junkies looking for things to do in the British Virgin Islands will not lack options. Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay is a beautiful beach where you can rent jet skis, water skis, or go snorkeling, while the island’s Sage Mountain National Park is ideal for hikers. As the highest point in the US and British Virgin Islands, Sage Mountain offers spectacular views of the sea and all the islands.
For underwater adventures, head to Rhone Marine Park in Tortola, one of the most popular diving sites in the area. Explore the wreck of the Royal Mail Streamer, as well as sea grass beds and coral reefs. Snorkelers should not miss Anegada Island’s Loblolly Bay Beach or the Norman Island Caves, which are lined with orange cup coral and red sponge. And if you’re in the mood for a more relaxing experience, check out the Baths at Virgin Gorda. These giant boulders form an amazing grotto and peaceful pools in the shore. You can snorkel and climb, or just walk around and take in the view.
If you’re looking for things to do in the British Virgin Islands on your winter break, you should consider heading to Foxy’s Great Harbour in Jost Van Dyke for New Year’s Eve. The bar’s Old Year’s Night has been named “best New Year’s Party in the world” and has been a tradition since the 60s.

Swimmers reach this natural whirlpool, formed when the surf breaks against rocky outcroppings, via a sage-dotted trail from Foxy's Taboo.

Virgin Gorda's main strip, Spanish Town, may be a who-cares-if-you-miss-it blip on the radar, but Margo's Jewellery Boutique is an enchanting discovery filled with baubles from India and Turkey.

Insider head to this more obscue full-moon party hosted by the Trellis Bay Cyber Café and Aragorn's Studio. Expect the BVI's own fungi-style music, stilt-walking Moko Jumbies, and fire jugglers. The bash kicks off at 7 p.m.

The Scene: Just steps from the water's edge, this simple shack has walls covered with quirky sandcastle murals and only 10 wooden stools at the bar.

On Saturdays, this renegade outdoor market appears in Spanish Town. Jewelry and sarong designers join forces with DJ's for a lively morning that stretches into the evening (care of more than a few rum punches).

A regular bartender here who goes by the name Zeus holds court over a tribe of bikinied lasses as they line up for a four-way “shotski,” drunk from glasses sunk into an old water ski. The Willy-T, as it’s known, is a 98-foot schooner anchored off Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands.

One of the top yacht-rental companies, expert sailors can skipper themselves with a bareboat charter (from $410 a day), while novices can hire a crew for an extra $160.

The Scene: Don't let the name scare you off. Sure, legend has it Blackbeard marooned 15 mutinous men nearby and it didn't end pretty (rum and a sword were involved), but that just makes this Caribbean hideaway more interesting.

Along this archipelago of 60 islands—most of them deserted—you can rent a yacht and drift away from civilization.

The Scene: If you're looking for a party, Foxy's is always raging with nonstop entertainment, whether you're listening to Foxy, the charming owner, spin one of his fascinating tales or rocking out to live music.

Don't miss the legendary full-moon parties at this island staple.

Under the watch of Tortola-born coppersmith Aragorn Dick-Read, Aragorn's Studio has grown from an art gallery into a burgeoning collective, where crafts-people teach basket weaving and coconut carving; a fruit depot sells native produce (soursops, sugar apples); and a shop carries handmade herbal

Set within a tropical refuge, the Mahogany Trail winds a quick 300 yards up to the summit of Mount Sage. At 1,716 feet, it’s the highest point in the Virgin Islands—and the best place to watch the sun set.