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By Diane Mehta
By Diane Mehta
Awakening to the sounds of rustling leaves and distant ocean surf, you stretch out in bed, enjoying your first few moments of the day. Around you, your treehouse suite at California’s Post Ranch Inn—set on stilts among branches high above the Paci...

Restaurants in Brenham

You may see more families than romancing couples at the Blue Bell Creamery, but it’s worth stopping in to see the birthplace of every Texan’s favorite frozen treat—not to mention the free samples at the end of the factory tour.

Things to do in Brenham

While the stunning Simon Theatre, an old movie house and ballroom built in 1925 by Texas architect, is currently going through a painstaking restoration—preservationists are meticulously restoring the performance space—patrons should still stop in for a tour of the Beaux Arts classical-revival-st