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Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

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  • Why Now’s the Time to Explore Colorful Sarajevo

    I am strolling along the spiffed-up Ferhadija promenade in the Baščaršija district, Sarajevo’s Old Town, amid the enduring hum of life. The... Read More

  • A War Reporter's Most Memorable Hotels

    In the midst of last winter’s revolts across the Middle East and North Africa, I kept getting e-mails and text messages from friends and colleagues in... Read More

  • Where to Now, Sarajevo?

    It's hard to imagine a city greener than sarajevo. A series of hills rises above the narrow river valley, pressing close to the town center–it is not... Read More

  • The New Sarajevo

    On the afternoon of December 31, 1992, I stepped out of a United Nations armored personnel carrier into the thin, pale light of a bitter winter day in... Read More

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Except for the Taliban's demolition of the colossal Buddhas in Afghanistan's Bamian Valley, it is widely agreed that there has been no recent act of... Read More

  • Sarajevo on the Rise

    When the fog that clings to the hills around Sarajevo finally lifts one warm spring day, scarcely a table is to be had at the long line of cafés that... Read More

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