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41 Via Broccaindosso, Bologna,

The Scene: Home-cooked meals in Italy are a holy grail for any food-obsessed traveler, and thanks to Egeria Di Nallo, a sociology professor from Bologna, that elusive culinary quest is within reach. Since 2004, she’s anointed and galvanized an army of 100-plus cesarine, or “empresses of the kitchen,” to educate and cook for strangers in their homes—as well as at museums, castles, and delightfully decrepit farms—from Veneto to Sicily. The hands-on cultural organization prides itself on preserving traditions, so it’s not unusual for guests in, say, Piedmont to get a history lesson about the region’s white truffles, while their hostess perfumes the air with gossamer shavings.

Hot Plates: Nettle tagliatelle with ragu; roasted veal; flanlike “latte imperiale.”

The Lowdown: $60 average, $5 membership fee; frequency varies depending on the cesarine; 6–8 guests.

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