Tips and Articles for Bolivia

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The Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia is one of most intimidating landscapes on Earth—I arrived informed of the statistics. Spanning more than 4,000... Read More

Travelers seeking a destination that is rich in culture, and truly breathtaking (not least because it’s the world’s highest commercial and political hub... Read More

It’s easy to see how this one-lane strip of North Yungas got its notorious nickname, Dead Road. GLP Films captures what it feels like to stand at the... Read More

Salar de Uyuni, a bucket list salt flat, is the largest in the world, stretching an incredible 4,086 square-miles toward the southwest edge of Bolivia.... Read More

It is just before noon, in the neighborhood of San Miguel in the southern Zona Sur area of La Paz, Bolivia, and down a narow alley, amongst a short... Read More

If your travel plans need a little flavor, just add salt. ... Read More, Walking, and Biking ... Read More

See our slideshow of the World’s Scariest Roads. ... Read More

GEORGE WASHINGTON NEVER SLEPT HERE. Nor, most likely, did your next-door neighbor, your boss, or your high school gym teacher. No, in our quest for the... Read More

The haciendas of South America are a varied lot. In Chile, travelers can sip a local Cabernet while staying at a 19th-century winery; farther north,... Read More

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