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By Nell McShane Wulfhart
Eating burgers in Bogotá, Colombia, isn’t as counterintuitive as it seems. Turns out, the city is going through an American food boom, with burgers, barbecue and bacon appearing on menus all over town. All burgers are not created equal, though, so...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Charlotte Savino
By Travel + Leisure Staff

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Hotels in Bogota

This 102-room property is well situated near the city’s art galleries.

Restaurants in Bogota

The restaurant dishes up regional classics such as corn empanadas and ajiaco, a hearty chicken-and-potato stew.

Things to do in Bogota

Built by the Colombian aviation pioneer Jaime Duque Grisales as a gift to Colombians, 37 miles north of the capital, the park has some 30 head-scratching attractions.