Hotels in Bhutan

As the nation of Bhutan has slowly been developed, it has been known for having some fabulously luxe hotels—a good way to meet (and then some) that $250 minimum of expenses each day, as part of the country’s tourist tariff. But you’ll also find more modest guesthouses and hotels in Bhutan. Here are some of the best hotels in Bhutan:

Uma by Como is a small, luxury Bhutan hotel and the newest offering from Como hotels, located in the Punakha Valley. Designed by Malaysian-born Cheong Yew Kuan, the hotel is just a 25-mile hike from Punakha Dzong Monastery. With just 11 rooms, it has gorgeous views over the river and has Bukhari, one of the best restaurants in Bhutan.

Gangtey Goenpa Lodge is in the Phobjikha Valley, a land of black-necked cranes, leopards, and 17th-century monasteries. With only a dozen rooms, the luxury resort was built into traditional farmhouse, featuring stone fireplaces and murals and carvings by Bhutanese artists. You’ll find complete immersion into the local culture here and a nice view of the Gangtey Goenpa monastery.

Eastern Bhutan, with its pristine landscapes and well-preserved Buddhist temples, has had little in the way of stylish retreats. Enter the newest offering by Como hotels in the untouched Punakha Valley.

This little sliver of Western civilization in the middle of nowhere serves a terrific cappuccino and Swiss fondue.

The traditional guesthouse looks up at the Gangtey Monastery.

The Altitude: 9,843 feet.


The Perch: High up in the Himalayas’ last surviving Buddhist kingdom, the eight-suite Amankora Gangtey has broad views over Gangtey Goemba, a 16th-century monastery, and the remote farmland of the Phobjikha Valley.

A collection of 5 stylish eco-lodges in western and central Bhutan. Guests are provided with a full-time guide and driver. 

Room to Book: You'll stay in five different rooms on your Amankora journey; each is magical in its own way. 

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