Hotels in Bermuda

Hotels in Bermuda are big business. Whether it’s resorts, bed and breakfasts, or beachside cottages, the competition to attract travelers is fierce and growing. New hotels are cropping up so quickly that some Bermudians joke that the crane is becoming the national bird. The Royal Palms Hotel, located in the capital Hamilton, is one of the best hotels in Bermuda. A blend of colonial and Bermudian architecture, guests stay in one of two pink 19th century manor houses, which are nestled in gardens and offer access to secluded swimming pools. The hotel has 32 unique rooms and rates are dependent on room size and the season. Not surprisingly, it is cheapest to travel during the winter months.

If you’re interested in a great resort experience, then check out the Fairmont Southampton. With nearly 600 available rooms, there’s plenty of space for guests on all types of budgets. Available on the grounds are tennis courts, swimming pools, an 18-hole golf course, a luxury spa, and eight restaurants. Better still, the resort sits right on the ocean, so you’ll have instant beach access. There are plenty of cozy bed and breakfast accommodations as well. One example is Greene’s Guest House in Southampton, which houses just six rooms. Breakfast is prepared every morning by the B&B’s host but, afterwards, guests are on their own for food and entertainment.

At low tide, guests can wade out more than 1,200 feet and the water still won’t top their shins. Something more strenuous?Sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboating, and windsurfing equipment are available from the resort.

The 94-room Cambridge beaches may be the preppiest, most conservative place on the island (you’d swear you were at a country club), but the resort, on 30 acres of Bermuda’s remote west end, does think outside the box: it’s the only one that has accommodations with dedicated pools.

Located on 99 acres of tropical gardens, the Fairmont Southampton is one of the largest, most inclusive resorts in Bermuda.

Easily recognized by its bright pink exterior, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a resort overlooking the harbor.

You no longer have to travel halfway across the globe to sleep in an overwater villa. 9 Beaches brings these chic and simple bungalows to Bermuda (for a third of the price of those found in Polynesia).

Just a 10-minute walk from downtown Hamilton, this small, quiet hotel consists of two 19th-century buildings surrounded by tropical gardens and a secluded pool.

When Tucker’s Point Resort opened in April 2009, it signaled a significant shift in Bermuda’s hotel landscape.

The resort offers a variety of room options, including 62 rooms and suites nestled among pristine limestone cliffs with dramatic views of Bermuda's south shore. La Serena, the full-service spa, specializes in traditional Thai massage.

In the next few years, when the last stroke of clotted cream–colored paint is applied to the grand dowager duchess of Bermuda resorts, when the last lacy fan of dried marine algae is mounted in a box frame and hung, Elbow Beach will be rebranded as a Mandarin Oriental resort.