Bergen Travel Guide

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Bergen, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a group or self-guided tour of the beautiful fjords, ski the nearby mountains, and canoe and swim in the crisp coastal waters.
Looking for leisure indoors? Then check out the Bergen Art Museum, which houses work by Norway’s most celebrated painter, Edvard Munch. The Bergen Natural History Museum is another national treasure, home to the Hvalsalen, or the Whale Hall. Here, marvel at the beauty of two dozen whale skeletons suspended from the grand ceilings.
Near the Puddefjorden inlet is USF Verftet, a hub of cultural happenings. What was once the United Sardines Factory is now a contemporary gallery that’s a space for artists in residence, emerging designers, and jazz festivals. Kippers, USF’s bar and café, is open daily to the public.
In the borough of Fana, you can visit the wooden Fantoft Stave Church, which dates back to 1883. First built in Fortun, Norway in 1150, the church was moved to Fana in pieces following threats of demolition. Because the original was destroyed by arson in 1992, the current church is a reproduction. Nonetheless, it’s worth the trip!