Restaurants in Bergen

Norwegian cuisine stands somewhat apart from the mainstream of European foods. There’s a noticeably stronger emphasis on game and fish, a result of a country with more wilderness and coastline than most others have to offer. Traditional Norwegian cuisine has been influenced by imports from Europe and by Americanization, sometimes resulting in unexpected combinations – like reindeer burgers. But dishes like pizza, pasta, meatballs, and cod are easy to come by, too.
Norwegians typically don’t dine out at restaurants, as they can be quite costly. The bar scene is likewise relatively small, compared to other European cities. Still, there are a lot of bars to check out, including Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, Kontoret, and No Stress. One Bergen restaurant to look out for is Holbergstuen, located right in Torgallmenningen Square. While it may look touristy from the outside, the food certainly isn’t. If you’re in the market for a Bergen restaurant serving up the freshest seafood, then make plans to dine at Enhjørningen (which translates as “unicorn” in English). The nautical, old-fashioned ambiance is charming against a backdrop of oceanfront views, and the cod comes highly recommended.

Inviting café at the lower end of Bergen’s spectacular funicular.

A popular café and bakery serving excellent coffee and sandwiches, made with organic ingredients.

This property has closed.