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See more Best Places to Eat Like a Local Al Soussi, Beirut, Lebanon: For more than 50 years, this pint-size kitchen in West Beirut has been serving an irresistible version of fatteh, made with layers of toasted pita, chickpeas, yogurt, and pine n...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Anissa Helou
I met the charismatic slow food pioneer Kamal Mouzawak 10 years ago, when he was writing for a Lebanese culinary magazine. Mouzawak had always been passionate about promoting local purveyors, and in 2004 he set up Beirut’s first farmers’ market, S...
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Restaurants in Beirut

Overlooking the Bay of Jounieh, just outside the city, Chez Sami serves regional specialties such as tabbouleh and hummus.

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The farmers’ market Souk El Tayeb draws Maronite, Shiite, Sunni, and Druze vendors from all over Lebanon, transcending religious and tribal divides. Mamoul, the crumbly, date-filled semolina cookies beloved by both Christians and Muslims, are so unfathomably good we challenge you to stop at one.