Ullens Center for Contemporary Art


4 Jiuxianqiao Rd., 798 Yishuqu,


This groundbreaking gallery is set in one of the capital’s most intriguing developments—a former state munitions factory turned into an 80,000-square-foot home for contemporary art. Until Belgian art enthusiast and billionaire Guy Ullens came along in 2007, the factory was a somewhat ragtag, bohemian collection of small galleries—but the opening of his spectacular, nonprofit project brought 798 (or Dashanzi, as it sometimes called, after the neighborhood) real heft. Now the multipurpose space (which includes several exhibition halls, a library, and an auditorium for video and film installations and screenings) showcases the best in contemporary Chinese art. Browsing through the galleries is like getting a crash course in China’s modern art movement—a very good idea if you’re considering buying from 798’s other, smaller galleries (like the excellent Red Gate Gallery).