Block 8

(Now Closed)


Chaoyang Park West Rd., Number 8 complex,


Hidden away along a bland, utilitarian suburban block, this über-hip space is a major haunt for Beijing fashionistas. The beautiful young patrons—many sporting skinny jeans, dramatic haircuts, and exorbitantly priced handbags—have several options for hanging out here: they can fuel up on Japanese or Mediterranean fare at one of the two restaurants, or sample cocktails at the massive marble bar in the lounge before the serious late-night partying begins. In summer months the Block 8 roof is converted into a beach bar, where revelers with really vivid imaginations can pretend they are on Ibiza rather than a smoggy city rooftop.


Tip: Block 8 is the New China in all its glory. The parents of the bright young things wildly flashing their cash here grew up during the fun-free Cultural Revolution, and had only one party: the one represented by a hammer and sickle.