Whampoa Club, Beijing


23A Financial St.,


This high-design hot spot in a converted siheyuan (courtyard home) is the latest offering from chef Jereme Leung—already well known in Shanghai for taking traditional cuisine and turning it on its head. High-rolling financiers and their dates gather here under the soaring glass ceiling—hung with hundreds of silvery discs for a reflective, mod-chandelier effect—to sample Leung’s innovative dishes: Shandong-style braised pork knuckles with a crispy herbed crust, for example, or roast pigeon topped with sweet vinegar, scallions, and Sichuan peppercorns. The desserts push the envelope a bit; onion-pancake ice cream might be a little much even for adventurous palates.


Tip: Have a cocktail in the slinky, hip upstairs bar before dinner.