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Bath, ME Travel Guide

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  • The Gainsborough, the U.K.’s Only Thermal Bath Spa

    The historic city of Bath, in England’s West Country, is better known for its genteel pursuits and heritage architecture than for its pioneering... Read More

  • The Maine of My Dreams

    Summer in Maine is like the best of fall everywhere else. Sunny days start off crisp; against an enameled-blue sky, the evergreens look that much deeper... Read More

  • Bath, England Spa

    For more than 10,000 years, until 1978, the thing to do in Bath was bathe. A cradle of health tourism since prehistoric times, Britain's only hot... Read More

  • Bath: In Hot Water?

    The thermal waters of Bath, England, have attracted travelers for at least 10 millennia. Over the past few years, the development of the historic... Read More

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