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By Sandra Ramani
Sanskrit for “the science of life,” ayurveda is believed to have been brought to earth by Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of medicine, and was first recorded in Vedic texts some 4,000 years ago. It certainly has had lasting power. In modern India, loca...
By Jennifer Coogan
Andaz Parent: Hyatt Back Story: Hyatt threw out the reception desk when it invented Andaz in 2007, so guests can feel like the hotel is their private pied-à-terre. Where You’ll Find Them: Hollywood, New York, and London, among other cities. Resor...
By Bruno Maddox
Long beloved as India's Garden City, Bangalore is suddenly hotter than chicken vindaloo. Having been recently dot-commified into an IT hub (earning it the moniker "the Silicon Valley of India"), the southern metropolis is welcoming a new breed of ...
By Gini Alhadeff
A friend called, one distant New Year's Day. She was in Rajghat, at the Krishnamurti Foundation and Study Centre in Benares, India, at the very last ghat, or pier, on the Ganges. "You cannot imagine the beauty of this place," she said. "The light,...
By Bruno Maddox
And on the weekends, what does he do, the British adult man?Where does he go?Anybody?Anybody?" I should know this one, theoretically, being an adult British man myself. On weekends I generally like to...unwind?I don’t know, actually. It’s a good ...

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Opulent, domed hotel situated on a 7-acre oasis with a 14-foot waterfall, close to the city's golf course and I.T. hubs.

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In Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, this gallery space allows a respite from the city's frenzy. Come to talk about art or microchips.