Waka Land Tours


5x Jalan Padang Kartika,


Waka’s Land Rover tours (led by charismatic, knowledgeable, Indiana Jones-esque guides), allow guests to explore some of Bali’s most far-flung and magical places. A full-day tour (which leaves daily from Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and other locations) includes a visit to a traditional stone quarry, where female workers carry up to 150 pounds of stone on their heads; a traditional Balinese family home, complete with three generations of soot layered on the kitchen’s mud brick walls, and a typical Balinese garden where you can pick your own tapioca, cocoa, peppers, cinnamon, and vanilla; and a smart lunch at Waka’s own mountainside restaurant, located high up in the bamboo cloud forest of Mount Batakaru. In between are rough, bouncy rides through jungle, past numerous small villages and temples.


Tip: Don’t undertake this journey while pregnant, hungover, or with Bali Belly (the local version of Montezuma’s Revenge).