Baie de St.-Jean
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Baie de St.-Jean

, St. Bart's
Baie de St. Jean Beach in St. Barts
Courtesy of Comité du Tourisme de Saint-Barthélemy
Free, Popular with locals, Family-friendly

Lined with some of the island's top hotels (Eden Rock) and loudest clubs (Nikki Beach), this high-wattage area is the place for people-watching. St.-Jean is actually divided into two stretches by Eden Rock; to the right of the hotel is Nikki Beach, to the left are the Eden Rock’s loungers, along with several other hotels and popular restaurants. Visitors can rent a chair at one of the facilities, and you will also see some locals come here to swim. The water is calm, making this a great place for families, and part of the fun of St.-Jean is also seeing the small prop planes take off and land at the nearby airport.

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