Things to Do in Bahamas

Pat Ford

If the Bahamas ran out of land crabs it would be a national travesty, hence the existence of the Crab Replenishment Reserve on Andros Island, the land... Read More

Crooked Island once served as a major transfer point for cargo ships sailing between Europe and the Americas. All communications to the archipelago were... Read More

The island of Andros doesn't just stand out because it is the largest in the Bahamian archipelago. It's also renowned for its world-class, salt-water... Read More

Sprawling, unspoiled Andros has a coastline threaded with mudflats, bights, and shallow lagoons: prime territory for catching bonefish. These elusive,... Read More

Androsia is an Andros-made line of batik fabric, made by stenciling with a hand carved sponge. Island-inspired designs are waxed onto fabrics, which are... Read More

Check back with me after nurse sharks become friends with sea urchins and I will tell you if I ever met a child who did not like AquaVenture, the water... Read More

The only zoo in the Bahamas, Ardastra relies on donations to keep its operation running. It has a surprising variety of animals, from a Vietnamese pot... Read More

Arthur's Bakery bustles as "the" meeting place for residents and visitors in Harbour Island. They come for coffee and freshly baked bread and pastries... Read More

Atlantis' 141-acre waterpark, called Aquaventure, pumps more than 20 million gallons of water throughout its maze of water slides and lazy river. Once... Read More

There's nothing small-island about this big city-style club, at Atlantis on Paradise Island. You can reliably find upscale, decadent fun on Aura’s... Read More

One of the few Bahamian-owned spas in Nassau, the Baha Retreat, is a full-service facility set in a clapboard colonial estate house. Although the wood... Read More

The Bahamian answer to Lilly Pulitzer, this locally owned company (which began, like Lilly, in the mid-1960’s) stocks clothing, handbags, and home... Read More

The core business of Bahama Hand Prints is the creation of hand-printed fabrics; however, inside its flagship boutique in Nassau, the company transforms... Read More

Located inside a pink building with white columns, Bamboo-Bamboo is the designer's place to shop for island-style home décor and accent pieces.... Read More

If a club wants to maintain a certain chic standard, it is expected they will enforce a dress code and be selective about their admissions. This Nassau... Read More

If you want to catch a billfish, you head to the Berry Islands; it's as simple as that. Known more commonly in the Bahamas as the blue marlin—our... Read More

The old city of Nassau is bordered to the south by a number of historic African townships, including Bain and Grants Town. These areas, generally known... Read More

The big game fish (marlin, wahoo, bluefin tuna) that drift through the warm waters of the Gulf Stream along the outskirts of Bimini fatten themselves to... Read More

Lucky boaters will brag about that one time they sailed in the Bahamas accompanied by a pod of wild dolphins. The stories are true; dolphins will... Read More

There are few places in the world where you can have a guaranteed experience with wild dolphins and Bimini, in the northern Bahamas, is one of those... Read More

Tucked away deep inside the pine forests of Andros Island are bodies of water so deep they are uncharted and so mystical they are home to mythical... Read More

The last time I visited Blue Lagoon island there was an inflatable slide that read children only. I sweet-talked my way onto the slide and the ride... Read More

An 1840 gingerbread cottage, where Gabrielle Kenedy and John Fondas stock the shelves with Graham Kandiah tunics and delicate pashmina shawls made by... Read More

Hand-feeding a stingray is one of my all-time favorite wild animal encounters. At Brendal’s Dive Center in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, you can do just that... Read More

Many beaches are described as powder-white, but in two cases so far, I have walked on beaches that were also actually powder soft: Tropic of Cancer... Read More

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