Hotels in Bahamas

Pat Ford

Just across the bay from Nassau, this 5½-acre beachfront ashram welcomes visitors of all faiths to participate in all-inclusive yoga vacations.... Read More

You’ll leave stress far behind at this beachside yoga retreat, where you can relax and bring your body into balance with healthy food, healing... Read More

All guests at this resort—set on the island of Andros—enjoy sanctuary in the comfort of their own garden cottages, but at mealtime it’s customary for... Read More

Next to a dockside fish clean-and-grill station conveniently positioned where harmless reef sharks circle for scraps, this marina is the jumping-off... Read More

The earth-conscious hotel, slated to open on Earth Day of 2009, will attempt to be "carbon negative". Developed by Dalu Design and architect David Sklar... Read More

The currents that wash Long Island’s shorelines bring with them teeming schools of billfish, tuna, dolphin and wahoo all year round. Fishing is one of... Read More

Just off the beach from the Swain’s Cay Lodge is a wadeable flat—where at any time you can step outside of your rustic island cottage with its modern... Read More

Hang around poolside by Cain at The Cove and you are bound to run into a celebrity, whether it is a basketball player like Dwayne Wade with his wife... Read More

So you won’t get an authentic feel of Eleuthera (one of my favorite islands) at this manicured boutique, but you will live out your fantasy of being... Read More

The 12-room Landing has a decidedly patrician vibe. The hotel was conceived by Tracy Barry (whose mother was the first-ever Miss Bahamas) and Toby Tyler... Read More

The only eco-resort in the Bahamas, Tiamo is appropriately set on the island of Andros, whose thousands of square miles of unsullied nature are usually... Read More

Three and a half miles of undisturbed white sand and endless seascape serve as the welcome mat for this golf resort and marina in the Abacos. Nestled... Read More

The only golf course on the island of Abaco belongs to Treasure Cay Resort and Marina. Many rate the 18-hole, 72-par, Dick Wilson course the best in the... Read More

If not for the shallow turquoise cove that actually envelopes it, Turquoise Cay would have no meaning. The resort completely embraces the vastness of... Read More

The luxury suites at Valentines Resort in Harbour Island take their architectural style from the historic clapboard dwellings unique to old-time Bahamas... Read More

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