Bahamas Travel Guide

Pat Ford

Like a scattered string of pearls, the islands of the Bahamas stretch from their most northerly point (less than an hour's flight from Miami) south across 500 miles of the Caribbean Sea. As the site of Columbus’s first landfall in the America’s, the Bahamas have a long history to their beautiful beaches. With over 2,000 islands and cays, the Bahamas are home to some of the best beaches in the world. Explore historic and modern Nassau and World Heritage Sites, all while enjoying turquoise blue ocean views. Visit the Bahamas to relax on the most secluded white-sand beaches, take a boating trip to discover stunning islands and snorkel above coral reefs. Our Bahamas travel guide will help you navigate the many island adventures available.

Things Not to Miss in the Bahamas

• Visit Arawak Cay
 • An afternoon at Atlantis Waterscape
 • Snorkeling off the coast
 • Island hopping boat tours
 • Trying the “goombay smash” drink
 • Strolling through downtown Nassau and the pirate museum
 • Visiting the Pink Sands resort

When to Go to the Bahamas

The temperatures in the Bahamas are generally ideal year-round, but most of the rain falls in late summer and fall, often form hurricane season from June through October. Beware of March to Mid-April for spring break season, if large, partying groups don’t fit your style. Prices are steepest during the winter season, but the weather is also best during those months, as it is the driest season. Try to book 2-3 months ahead of time.


  • Getting out on the water—whether by swimming at Harbour Island's spectacular pink beach, bonefishing off Andros, or whizzing through the massive Atlantis waterpark on Paradise Island.

  • Taking part in (or at least watching) the wild parades of Junkanoo, the islands' most exuberant local celebration.

  • Sampling fabulous Bahamian dishes like conch fritters, fried grouper burgers, and stone crab claws—along with bottles of the great local beer, Kalik.


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