The Azores

Restaurants in The Azores

Restaurants in the Azores tend to serve hearty, meat-and-potatoes fare elevated by an excellent selection of fresh-caught seafood. Don't leave the islands without sampling caldeirada de peixe, a fish stew prepared with a variety of fresh-caught deep-sea delights. Be sure to try several of the specialty island dishes like torresmos de vinha-de-alhos (spare ribs with garlic, wine and pepper sauce) on Faial, cozido nas caldeiras das Furnas (meat and vegetable stew cooked in hot springs) on Furnas, or alcatra (slow-cooked pot roast) on Terceira. Vegetarian dishes can be scarce, though locally-grown pineapple is a specialty on São Miguel. Aside from the high-quality seafood, Azores restaurants are known for serving tender grass-fed beef, and the cheeses of São Jorge and the wines of Pico are almost as famous as the fish.

Some of the best restaurants in the Azores include the Palm Terrace Café Restaurant on São Miguel, which specializes in national cuisine like Lagareiro-style octopus, bife na pedra (steak cooked on a hot tile), and seafood like codfish, crab and shrimp; Rotas da Ilha Verde in Ponta Delgada, one of the few vegetarian restaurants in the Azores, and an excellent one at that; Bar Caloura in Lagoa, where fresh seafood and local wines compete with an unbeatable view of a placid cove; and Casa Teahouse & Bar in Horta, which serves a selection of teas and fresh-baked cakes in a garden teeming with exotic flowers and plants.