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Desperate times call for desperate measures. For a seal in Australia, desperate times arrived in the form of a pod of hungry orcas.But the quick... Read More

In Melbourne, bartenders are taking one of mixology’s latest trends to new heights: cocktails that have been bottled or aged—sometimes both. Though the... Read More

The world's largest carnivorous marsupial has sharp fangs, screeches like it's possessed, and devours food with a ferocity unmatched in the Australian... Read More

Eggs and Bacon Bay, on the southeastern coast of Tasmania, got its name—according to local lore—after pioneer and traveler Lady Jane Franklin ate bacon... Read More

Seeing Australia's landscape is a spiritual experience—cultures dating back 40,000 years have called its terrain home. It would be hard to find a bad... Read More

Australia is the place to be these days. They put GoPros on their macaws, they've got rare white whales popping up all over the place, and now a group... Read More

GPS has become an incredibly useful tool when navigating all around the world, but people in Australia who frequently use mapping apps may have noticed... Read More

A baby humpback whale was stranded on the rocks at Tweed Heads, in New South Wales, Australia, but a group of people went to extraordinary efforts to... Read More

Free flying is similar to letting your dog off-leash—it's beautiful to watch, but even better to experience from the wings of a bird. The Adventures of... Read More

Alison Reid, from Byron Bay, Australia, was beyond tickled when she spotted Migaloo, a famous white humpback whale, on a whale watching trip on Tuesday... Read More

Expedition cruising, which involves smaller ships and adventurous itineraries, is having a moment. Australis and Quark Expeditions, which specialize in... Read More

An Australian couple returned from vacation to find an intruder in their house. But instead of calling the cops, they whipped out their cameras for a... Read More

If you've got $23 million burning a hole in your pocket, there's an island on the Great Barrier Reef that could have your name on it.But not really,... Read More

The Sydney Opera House is a great spot to take in some culture, and it's also the perfect place to see adorable seals.A set of stairs on the northwest... Read More

Before you book your next ticket to Australia, let Margot Robbie teach you the difference between your “chunders” and your “bludgers” and other... Read More

Fresh off an epic weekend together in Rhode Island to celebrate the Fourth of July, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have taken their love on the road... Read More

Justin Johnstone might just have had the best job on the planet, if only for a day.After an extensive recruiting process, he beat out 13,000 other... Read More

Visit the rugged shores of Western Australia in this aerial footage shot with a 3D Robotics drone. Cinematographer Shannon Stent, from Perth, Australia,... Read More

Tasmania has a little bit of everything: lush forests, sandy beaches, contemporary museums, almost complete isolation (geographically speaking) from the... Read More

The impressive new Shanghai Disney opened just last week, but there are already rumors that another theme park could be in the works.There are already... Read More

Book a flight anytime today until June 19, and you could score a free seat with AirAsia and AirAsia X. This low-cost carrier is offering up to three... Read More

In honor of the release of Finding Dory, Airbnb, the home rental site known for its quirky and incredible listings, revealed what could... Read More

When Tourism Australia announced actor Chris Hemsworth as the global ambassador for their new campaign, Aquatic and Coastal (which focuses on Australia... Read More

This story originally appeared on A photographer who recently captured a photo of a small fish swimming inside a jellyfish off the coast of... Read More

This story originally appeared on time.comThree glass beakers of steamed milk, coffee and hot water were all it took for writer Jamila Rizvi’s... Read More

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