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If you’re more interested in globetrotting than lounging on a single beach for a week, check out the Airfare Spot’s latest around-the-world itinerary... Read More

This story originally appeared on The coral bleaching that struck the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia earlier... Read More

Air New Zealand is offering $400 off all economy and premium economy round-trip flights to New Zealand and Australia, among other destinations, for... Read More

The Duchess of Cambridge has become something of a style icon. And now she’s apparently moved on to inspiring interiors. A Kate Middleton-inspired... Read More

Holiday travel can be stressful no matter where you're going.Traffic jams, flight delays and cancelations, never-ending TSA lines—getting to your final... Read More

The biggest supermoon since 1948 lit up the skies on November 13 and 14. If you missed it, don't worry: Photographers around the world captured some... Read More

Vacation days, and the number of days that employees actually use, vary greatly by country.On Tuesday Expedia released its 2016 Vacation Deprivation... Read More

Aussies like to say that Perth, the capital of Western Australia and a five-hour flight from Sydney, is the most isolated major city in the world. Which... Read More

Australia is on many U.S. travelers' bucket lists, but it can be a challenge to actually make the plan and get to the other side of the world.Virtual... Read More

If the success of an ad campaign were measured by the number of jaws that drop in response to it, this Northern Territory campaign out of Australia... Read More

This story originally appeared on An Australian police patrol caught a break from the usual beat when a woman handed over a... Read More

It's not often you'll spot sharks in a completely untouched, natural environment.A drone video from Australian Brett Beswick gives us a peek at the... Read More

We all take our frustrations out in different ways.As this never-ending election season finally draws to a close, many Americans are starting to feel... Read More

You may not be fond of unexpected guests, but what if that surprise visitor turned out to be a kangaroo? Or, better yet, an entire crowd of friendly... Read More

Why take a mini-moon or a week-long honeymoon when you and your new life partner can celebrate the nuptials with an entire year-long adventure?Luxury... Read More

For many years, the rest of Australia turned its nose up at Perth—something that was easy to do, since it’s one of the most isolated cities in the world... Read More

There are some stories that are just to adorable not to share. The tale of a zookeeper and an orphaned possum is one.Jarred, a staff member at the... Read More

Brazil’s government is considering waiving visas for tourists from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan, as part of an effort to make the... Read More

Marvel fans will get a chance to cruise with their favorite superheroes next year, aboard each of the seven Disney Magic sailings, set to depart from... Read More

Even from the relative safety of a boat, whales are incredible, overwhelming creatures to observe. That awe (and maybe a little terror) is... Read More

If you've never seen a group of koalas climbing over each other to get to the other side of a branch, you haven't lived. The Wild Life Sydney Zoo... Read More

Australia is home to many things: a David Bowie festival, an IKEA-themed ferry you can rent, a costumed Dachshund race...but of course, the land down... Read More

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, where visitors get a creative twist on both the Irish pub experience and what you’d expect at an upscale cocktail bar,... Read More

Tasmania Get 33 percent off from the Hatherley Birrell Collection, a set of five eco-friendly villas in Launceston City. Each modern, design... Read More

The small town of Carinda, in New South Wales, Australia, is commemorating the late David Bowie with a festival that features red shoes and a full music... Read More

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