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Australia is home to its fair share of adorable and fascinating animals, including wombats.For those who want to get up close and personal... Read More

If you thought dining and dashing was easy, you've never met 33-year-old Terry Peck. The aspiring rapper recently ate a truly next-level amount of... Read More

Photographer Jeff Miles was taking photographs of the night sky in Western Australia on Tuesday when he witnessed a bright purple lightning bolt.“This... Read More

Knowing when to book a hotel can make all the difference when it comes to the price you pay.For those planning to take a summer getaway this year,... Read More

Careless teenager Milan Schipper was in for quite the surprise when boarding a recent flight he thought was headed for Sydney, Australia... Read More

Photographers and stargazers alike were in for a special treat when a storm took to the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, revealing mesmerizing... Read More

The weather in Melbourne is notably unexpected, changing from bright and sunny to wet and stormy in a matter of minutes. Leaving the house, Airbnb, or... Read More

This story originally appeared on team of scientists has found some of the world’s largest dinosaur footprints in northwestern Australia,... Read More

This story originally appeared on plane flying over Australia made an emergency landing after a propeller fell off the aircraft while it... Read More

Noctiluca scintillans, or “sea sparkle” (which kind of sounds like a My Little Pony), are marine-dwelling organisms that exhibit bioluminescence when... Read More

This story originally appeared on don't even need to be a fan of Adventure Time to enjoy these incredible bacon pancake doughnuts.... Read More

Surfers are no strangers to the occasional dolphin sighting. As normalized as that may be, however, you would think getting body-slammed by a... Read More

This story originally appeared on on the heels of Canada’s pink drinking water incident, a lake in Australia has turned a vivid pink color... Read More

This article originally appeared on the political climate has begun to shift around the world, many millionaires are packing up and... Read More

If you're ever dreamed of living in a tent with the amenities of a house, there's a homeowner in Australia who's about to make you green with envy. ... Read More

This story originally appeared on can be a double-edged sword for restaurants. If they choose to keep a line during popular times,... Read More

This story originally appeared on’s hard to miss: A 30-ton mammal flings itself out of choppy waters, hanging in the air for a... Read More

Through some of this year’s best films, audiences were able to vicariously travel all around the world. In “La La Land,” we saw Los Angeles through the... Read More

Pinterest is home to some of the most inspirational travel plans—you can't make it very far without running into a "Wanderlust Travel" or "Bucket List... Read More

A giant mural of Beyoncé on the side of a building in Melbourne, Australia, is the pop culturally relevant work of street artist Lush Sux. The painting... Read More

Back in 2009, British charity fundraiser Ben Southall bested over 35,000 other applicants to win the so-called “Best Job in the World”: acting as... Read More

This story originally appeared on lovers with unlimited funds, Sydney has the ultimate Valentine's Day extravagance. At Bistro Remy in... Read More

We've seen the Northern Lights from space and we're all well aware that photos of the Earth from outside our atmosphere are not only stunning,... Read More

When you're traveling with family, not any destination will do.While a quiet seaside resort could be the perfect getaway for two, it could prove too... Read More

Seven years ago, diving instructor Rick Anderson, who lives in Port Macquarie, Australia, bonded with a young female Port Jackson shark. Since then?... Read More

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